Stand Alone Systems

Twist Stand Alone

Store display must be very dynamic: no long time or difficulties to change pod number or type.
Display must follow market trends in a very simple way not waiting for expensive technical intervention to do it.

We patented a friendly system able to ensure fast display changing in few seconds without any technical intervention, no more cables to be disconnected or strong adhesive to be scratched, Stop to expensive adhesive pads and stop too anaesthetics cable visible on the shelf.

Twist ensure mechanical and electronical protection at the same time. Clean and safe solution outside and inside of the shelves.

Twist is a plug and play system:
Only a simple movement is enough for everyone –when authorized- to change display in few seconds. Unlock a pod and send it to repair centre is fast and simple and at fixed cost without any on-site service.
Another big advantage of Twist: recor all exposed products without disconnect any connector or separate merchandises by pods. Few minutes are enough to pick all pods up and put them on dedicated trolleys to place everything in the safe room. Easy, fast and without any risk to damage merchandises. System is automatically switched off at closing time and switched on before opening.

Twist is an international patent of TPS: ideas for a better store.
Contact our sales department for a demo. You’ll see how is easy change your store and how to prevent night robbery.