Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Web experience in the store it’s the actual retail issue to improve customer engagement and emotion. Shelves move to interaction and start to be dynamics allowing a new customer experience.

Customers immediately recognize web logic and its intuitive mode and they are happy to use touch screen for their product selection in addition to unique advantage of shelf localization produced by led light activation.
They are immediately able to take merchandises in their hands for a responsible purchase.
Selected product localization on the shelf represents a very emotional way to play with exposed merchandises.
For this reason our Virtual Assistant System are not only screen to surf on the web because they improve in a very strong way the possibility to experience immediately desired product without waiting for delivery.
In few words: search, localize, test and buy.

Our smart pods equipped by 360° led light are driven by customer touch screens selection. Easy localization and new customer experience!.
Purchase is totally responsible by checking personal budget, technical features, easy localization on the shelf and personal test of desired product.
Product comparison is an added function available on the screen only picking exposed product up.

Graphics and colours are customized. Updating and database are managed in a very safe and tested way to avoid any possibile net crash.

We have software for consumer electronics, perfumeries and wine. Different software may be produced on request.